February 25, 2010

Shaun T... LIVE

What a BLAST!!! That's the best word for it!
Last Saturday I was able to go to Shaun T's Master class that was held in Draper Ut. I made sure to be the first person there (along with my cute mom) and to be the one front and center! I wanted to be his Tanya today (one of his fitness girl's in the insanity videos)

He is all energy, muscle, and motivation, not too mention SEXAAY!!!
He had his 'personal' assistant, partner and co-worker there with him (Martin) who I might say is not too shabby himself!!
The workout was soooo fun, there were about 100 people or so there.
I was able to talk to him a bit at the beginning and again at the end. Than being the last one to leave of course!
We ended on AWESOME terms, giving me his info to keep in touch with him. We're planning on me sending in some videos and pic's so I can be apart of his commercials and workout team...how EXCITING!!!
I'll definetely keep updating on the latest with this.

I'm telling you...If you don't have INSANITY....YOU NEED TO!!! I promise you right now, you will have never had a better workout and better results. You go at your own pace and improve over time, you will love it, and be amazed at how 'enjoyable' the workouts are. You know where to find me if you want it!

Anyway, what a great weekend, here are a few pic's....

My mom and I with Shaun T.                       This is Martin (he belongs to Shaun!)

My beautiful Mom, which by the way, you will start hearing from her soon, we've decided to team up and do Top Secret Mama together...she's a great example to help older women to be fit and healthy.

I just love this guy!!!

Oh... And I couldn't help but share:
My stud of a 2 year old boy is a die hard rock climber these days!!!
He's always loooved climbing. The stinker was climbing out of his crib at 9 months, so we thought what the heck, I love rock climbing, let's have him try it and boy did he do awesome!!! He's a natural.
Climbing over 75 feet high (harnessed of course) over and over again, he loved every minute of it and is ALWAYS begging me: "Mooom I wanna go climbing, PLEEEAASE!!"
I've got footage and will upload it shortly!
I'm so proud of my monkey!!

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