January 26, 2010


Some people may be wondering what the purpose of Calorie Counting is.

Why exactly would you want to see your food's nutrition facts?
Why would anyone want to count calories?

Well, I'll tell you why.
People count calories and pay attention to the nutrition facts of foods because they care about their diet, their weight, their body and their health. That's why!!

See, the single most important factor in getting your weight to do exactly what you want it to do is calorie intake. Not fat, not carbs, not certain foods. It's calories.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or just maintaining your current weight, the one factor playing the biggest role in making this happen is the number of calories you are eating. This isn't an opinion or a diet fad. This is the proven science of the human body.

Counting calories is the expert-recommended key to controlling your weight, and a Calorie Counter gives you all of the information you'll need to do just that.

What's that? You're not interested in your weight? OK then, how about your health? Just how healthy (or unhealthy) is your diet?
I only ask because, after genetics, the foods you eat and don't eat, play quite possibly the largest role in your health.
For example, how's your fat intake? Is it high in the unhealthy fats that CAUSE heart disease, or is it low in the healthy fats that PREVENT it?
What about your protein and carb intake? And cholesterol and sodium? And fiber, vitamins, and minerals?
I know I know, It probably is sounding very overwhelming for me to ask you all that! Especially if you don't know anything about it, or where to start...This is the TIME and this is the EASIEST way to start by using a calorie counter. It virtually gives you every food you are wanting to know the carolie amount of.
Lets keep going...
Are you eating the healthy foods that contain what your body needs, or are you eating the unhealthy foods that contain the things that will only make you less healthy?

Knowing the nutrition facts of the foods you eat is the only way to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, and a Calorie Counter gives you all of the information you'll need to do just that.

So, are you convinced that you should count calories?
Are you convinced that you should pay attention to the additional nutrition facts of your food? Are you convinced that doing so is the key to not only improving your weight, but improving your overall health in general?

All that's left for you to do now is use a Calorie Counter to search for your food, see its full nutrition facts, and use this information to improve your diet, your weight,
your body, and your health... for free.
This will be the easiest way to start, because once you get an idea of what is in the food's you are CHOOSING to eat, it will soon become a way of life.

This CalorieCounter I refer to ALL the time, it will give you any food item you are looking for (including specific restaurant meals, and fast food)

Many of you have been asking if I know of any healthy recipes for all kinds of eating...YES!!! A site I'm religious to when I'm cooking is
Calorie King's site, it has ALL the recipes I'm looking for that are healthy, and show me how many calories, fat, carbs, etc. are in each meal! And guess what? They even have healthy meals for children...don't you love that?! I sure do!

Here's what to do:
Depending on your weight, if you are wanting to lose weight, the best goal would be to maintain a healthy calorie intake of a max of 1600 calories a day. That's about 4,
400 calorie meals.
You can mix up the intake however you like, but to start noticing in a week or two's difference on your weight change, I'm telling ya,
maintain the 1600 calories or less and you will see a huge change quickly!

It is a healthy calorie intake. Instead of saying well I can eat WHATEVER, stuff like, cafe rio salad (about 1650 calories) or a Wendy's Chicken Sandwich (about 500 calories) or all sorts of candy...as long as I stay at 1600 cal's.

Why not say, I'm going to fill my day with healthy foods like, raw greens (cucumbers, green peppers, celery, those are all 0 calories) I could snack on that all day.
Than fill my meals with high protein foods like:
fish, (tuna, salmon, halibut) chicken, steak, eggs, cottage cheese, turkey.
Eat the right fruits that aren't too sugary like apples, blueberries, bananas.
Limit your seasoning intake (salt, dressings, sauces)
And just say NO to unnecessary carbs (white bread, desserts)
And definately no to saturated fats, and processed foods!!
Look at the Labels ladies, if it has higher amounts of carbs and fat than protein....
Don't eat it!

I maintain my Diet at about 1000 calories a day, but that's all my body needs, and its because I'm usually filling my stomach with low calorie foods all day, but that I feel full because I'm snacking all day. My body is constantly working and working off. My metabolism works faster.
Do what feels best for you, obviously though, do not make it easy for you. Of course its going to be hard!
Ever notice that all those lose weight quick schemes never work??? Because they DON'T!!!
You have to WORK for it, this is just a way of life. We live in a world now where we want exactly what we want immediately, Its not going to happen overnight!!
You have to commit and change your lifestyle completely. Those get thin quick may change your body for a minute...But not in the long run, and that's what we're going for!

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  1. Thanks Sabrina for the Healthy recipe website, I have been looking for one that I like and that it would not take me all day to prepare and make the food!