April 3, 2010

Super Saturday!!!

Walking faster FEELS better - it feels good to be going aerobic.
Speed walking is one of the best ways to burn fat. For example: At 150 lbs. the calories burned per mile at about 4.0mph will burn over 100 calories. Your staying at a fat burning heart rate, thus burning all those unwanted fat cells.

Don't become consistent in this routine though...your body needs confusion. Start this out for about 2 weeks then change it up to running slowly, or even add in a 30 second sprint here and there. You will love the feeling when you are done.
And hey...30 minutes of speed walking, anyone can do - just head to the mall and pace around the stores, you get the best of both worlds!

Increased speed does the following:1. Puts you in a higher Target Heart Rate
2. Shifts goal from weight loss to increased fitness and endurance
3. Increases flexibility of muscles and joints
4. Changes Weight Loss Goal
5. Enables you to finish same distance in less time
6. Tones muscles
7. Increases impact (This is a two-edged sword. Can introduce or aggravate injuries. On the plus side, can build stronger bones, slow down Osteoperosis.)

*Remember - Always talk to your doctor before starting a workout your body isn't familiar with, you don't want to cause injury or health issue.

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